Dustin Gibson


HJEngine2 is an ongoing 2D game engine colloberation project among a couple of friends. I am not very into video games, but I like the challenge of doing something different and applying what I learned in Mathematics. We have competed in two Lundum Dare game jams with our own engine written Python. HJEngine2 is written in C++ using OpenGL and is meant to provide more flexibility and performance compared to the first iteration.

Code samples can be found at the bottom of this page.


Git Link
Latest Build: Map Editor
Latest Build: HJEngine2

Map Editor (C#):
  • Import, add tile, and remove tile from tilesets
  • Add objects and properties
  • Add and modify tile collision
  • Place, fill, delete, and copy tiles and objects
  • Add and remove layers
  • Mini-map, grid, and zoom display
  • Expand or shrink map area
Engine (C++):
  • Draw images using map file produced by the editor
  • State machine to handle game, objects, and menu lifecycles
  • Visibility algorithm to hide view
  • Few effects
  • Supports fragment and vertex shaders