Dustin Gibson

Other Projects


To download programs: Click the green "Download This File" button, unzip file, and run.

Taskbuddy [C#]

  • Application and Source Code
  • Minimal UI
  • Search the dictionary
  • Type in a word and press enter for spellcheck
  • Wide range of look/feel settings

Graph Theory Applet [JAVA]

  • Application and Source Code
  • Draw Graphs including it's complement
  • Colors Graphs
  • Indentifies types of graphs: Tree, Chordal, Bipartite etc
  • Gives a data structure representation of a graph
  • Perform BFS algorithm

Randomness Tester[JAVA] (in collaboration with Andrew Williamson)

  • Application and Source Code
  • Responsibilities includes code design
  • Retrieve up to 10,000 random numbers
  • Upload any file to test randomness using 5 randomness testers

Software Engineering Game Project [PYTHON]